Processing Transdisciplinary Knowledge: Intensity, Extensity and Potentiality in Digital Architecture

By Aaron Sprecher and Chandler Ahrens.

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The convergence of computational technologies has accelerated the efficacy of transdisciplinary experiments through access to common platforms of interaction and communicable technologies. We propose to examine a series of transdisciplinary experiments undertaken by the authors, providing a report and critical analysis on the convergence of heterogeneous sources of knowledge. While these experiments can be compared to deductive and inductive research approaches, we propose to define a third category enabled by technology and its increasing transdisciplinary activity that bridges the arts and sciences. This third approach is defined as adaptive because its technological operations oscillate between axiomatic principles and intuitive observations, determinism and empiricism. The experimental projects explore a breadth of conceptual ideas, technologies utilized, collaborative expertise and physical implementation, providing multivalent entries into the integrative discourse on transdisciplinarity.

Keywords: theme: technologies for common knowledge, Transdisciplinarity, Adaptive Research, Information Processing

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp.207-223. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Published online: May 22, 2014 (Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.590MB)).

Prof. Aaron Sprecher

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, School of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Aaron Sprecher is Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture in the Faculty of Engineering, McGill University since 2008. In parallel, he is co-founder and partner of Open Source Architecture, an international collaborative research group that brings together leading international researchers in the fields of design, engineering, media research, history and theory. He completed his graduate studies at Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (Israel) and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). His research and design work focuses on the synergy between information technologies, computational languages and automated digital systems, examining the way in which technology informs and generates innovative approaches to design processes. Beside numerous publications and exhibitions, he has lectured in many institutions including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Cooper Union, and Harvard University. Aaron Sprecher is co-curator and co-editor of the exhibition and publication “The Gen(H)ome Project” (MAK Center, Los Angeles, 2006) and design curator of “Performalism” (Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2008). He is a recipient of research grants, most recently, awarded with the prestigious Canada Foundation for Innovation award and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) grants.

Prof. Chandler Ahrens

Assistant Professor, School of Architecture at the Sam Fox School of Visual Arts, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Chandler Ahrens completed his studies with an M. Arch. from the University of California Los Angeles in 2002. He received a B. Arch. from Savannah College of Art and Design with a minor in Electronic Design (digital design technologies) in 1995. He is currently an assistant professor at Washington University in St. Louis. He was previously appointed as a visiting assistant professor at Woodbury University in Los Angeles from 2011-2012. He is a co-founder and director of the Los Angeles office of Open Source Architecture, which is an international research and design architectural practice that has designed, fabricated and mounted several complex installations as well as designed commissioned projects. Chandler has worked for several large international architectural firms including nine years as a lead designer at Morphosis Architects where he was responsible for notable builds such as the New Academic Building at Cooper Union in New York, Hypo-Alpe Adria bank in Udine, Italy and Phare Tower in Paris, France. His work has been extensively internationally published and he has lectured at various academic institutions including UCLA, USC, Cal-Poly Pomona, University of Tel Aviv, RISD and the Technologico de Monterrey in Mexico.


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