Light and Technology in Islamic Architecture

By Saeid Haghighi, Zohreh Attarabbasi and Mehdi Damaliamiri.

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The concept of illuminating human has been concomitant with the origin and life of Islamic ideology, which plays a great role in identifying the correct image of the abstract world. Light was the key of knowledge, revealing the divine secrets in different layers. Transcendence of light, believed to display hidden secrets, and its representation in the architecture, added a new dimension to Islamic art. The colour can pave the path for the light to reveal its true nature in a vertical direction in mystic technology, which complicated the knowledge of believers from the whole universe. The psychological understanding of the existence universe is depicted as a flow of light rays which convey contractive and passive attributes. Surprisingly, some new ideas, such as fractalism of color and light, have had a common notion for Iranian architects. The partiality of light and color serves to transfer a whole of unity for viewers, built in various layers to be understood by layman to scholars. The application of colors on Iranian-Islamic art is representative of a link between the apparent world and the world of light ideas. In fact, color has a reality in Islamic-Iranian art which is equal to the meaning which is the ultimate goal of knowledge. The human mind, relying on the light, can recognize the borders of reality and imagination in the art to discover the hidden gold, the representation of which is in yellow. Different layers of light and color chosen according to space can transfer underlying structures of meaning which architects tried to convey. This paper shows the masterpieces of architecture in Islamic countries and Iran to reveal the interaction of knowledge, art, and technology.

Keywords: Light, Color, Geometry, Sacred, Architecture

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp.1-13. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.532MB).

Saeid Haghighi

Lecturer, Architecture, Islamic Azad University,Hamadan Branch,, Hamedan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Mr. Saeid Haghighi, lecturer of architecture in the Department of Art and Architecture, Hamedan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamedan, Iran. He has been architectural designs for undergraduate students.

Mrs Zohreh Attarabbasi

Lecturer, Education, Education Office, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Mehdi Damaliamiri is lecturer of architectural philosophy and science in the university.

Mehdi Damaliamiri

Lecturer, Architecture, Bu-Ali Sina Univesity, Hamedan, Hamedan, Iran (Islamic Republic of)

Lecturer of architecture and philosophy in university.


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