Transforming Education with New Media: Participatory Pedagogy, Interactive Learning and Web 2.0

By Peter DePietro.

Published by The Technology Collection

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The possibilities that online platforms and new media technologies provide, in terms of human connection and the dissemination of information, are seemingly endless. With Web 2.0, there is an exchange of messages, visions, facts, fictions, contemplations, accusations, exclamations and declarations buzzing around a network of computers that connects students to the world, fast. Theoretically this digital connectivity is beneficial to curriculum development in higher education. It provides a bountiful repository of information accessible in a browser at the click of a mouse, all the time. Education is available, democratic and immersive. But is it worthwhile? Is the kind of education you can get from new media platforms and social media resources, with their click-on videos, rollover animations and unfiltered content, of a quality that educators should teach with Web 2.0 tools? This paper examines the use of new media in pedagogy, as it presents case studies of the integration of online tools and social media in an undergraduate course taught by the paper’s author, at an urban research university in the United States. This paper includes an assessment of the use of new media tools in instruction, in terms of benefits and risks to students; an analysis of interactive learning, as it pertains to the case study; and, an investigation into the future potential of new media technologies in higher education teaching. Technology can transform the process of education. However, educators need to create standards that will guide students in the appropriate and responsible use of these tools. That way, this “new” education with its technology-based models for teaching will produce meaningful learning. Web 2.0 will produce Education 2.0.

Keywords: New Media, Social Networks, Interactive Learning, Participatory Pedagogy, Web 2.0, Education 2.0, Online Community, Digital Tools, “New” Curriculum, Micro-blogging

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 8, Issue 5, pp.1-11. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 212.268KB).

Prof. Peter DePietro

Assistant Professor, Electronic Media Division, University of Cincinnati, Cincinatti, OH, USA

Peter DePietro is a professor of electronic media/new media at the University of Cincinnati. He also taught interactive communications at Quinnipiac University, and new media and digital arts at New York University, New School University, and Pratt Institute. Prof. DePietro served as the first Director of Digital and New Media of the William J. Clinton Foundation in New York City, where he oversaw the development of online and new media initiatives for both the Foundation and the Clinton Presidential Center. On topics related to digital media, new technologies, and interactive art, Peter has been published internationally. Publications include “Technology and Design” in the International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, and Screen Studies articles in The Art Book (Wiley-Blackwell). Interviews include “Web Smart” with BusinessWeek, and “The Brave New World of E-Showbiz” with Billboard Publications. Academic conference presentations include “The Interactive Element: Integrating Digital Technology and Virtual Content” at the Interface: Virtual Environments in Art, Design and Education Conference (Dublin, Ireland), “Social Media Integration into Higher Education Curriculum” (University of Cincinnati), “Technology and Design” at the International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society (University of California at Berkeley), and “New Eyes on the Virtual World: Engaging the User” in the Life of the Mind symposium (University of Cincinnati). His media convergence work and interactive installations have been exhibited in galleries and festivals in the United States and Europe. Experience in Silicon Alley (NYC) as interactive developer, creative director, and strategist has given him the opportunity to create digital projects with international exposure for Fortune 500 clients.


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