Towards an Effective Online Collaborative Learning Environment: A Case Study on Traditional Classroom Instruction

By Chung-Hsien Tsai and Shy-Jen Guo.

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This study investigated the impact of Online Collaborative Learning (OCL) on student achievement in a campus-based Internet Marketing course. There were 93 participants in two college classes in central Taiwan. One class was randomly selected as the experiment group with OCL assistance on course assignments while the other class was the control group without OCL assistance. In the experiment group, the instructor created OCL environments in Facebook for course assignments. The t-test on the gain score (the difference between posttest and pretest) showed that the achievement of the experiment group was significantly better than the achievement of the control group. To identify the predictors of student attainment with and without OCL, a survey instrument was developed. OCL had a positive impact on student attainment in a campus-based Internet Marketing course and several factors emerged as predictors of the student attainment. The results of this study suggest that more research be conducted in different courses and in different countries at different education levels; OCL communication tools should be synchronous and asynchronous; and students should be required to use OCL environments to increase their familiarity and utility rates to promote student achievement.

Keywords: Online Collaborative Learning (OCL), Predictor, Achievement, Facebook

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 7, Issue 5, pp.1-16. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 900.967KB).

Chung-Hsien Tsai

Assistant Professor, Department of Information Technology, Overseas Chinese University, Taichung, Taiwan

Dr. Tsai is an Assistant Professor in Department of Information Technology, Overseas Chinese University, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

Shy-Jen Guo

Associate Professor, Department of International Trade, National Taichung Institute of Technology, Taichung, Taiwan

Dr. Guo is an Associate Professor in Department of International Trade, National Taichung University of Science and Technology, Taiwan (R.O.C.).


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