Analyzing Factors Influencing Students’ Productive Use of Computers: A Structural Equation Model

By Ove Edvard Hatlevik.

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Students’ productive use of computers at school emphasizes how students are using computers
and technologies when creating reports, assignments and presentations. The ability to attain digital
production is of emerging importance as working life and social life are rapidly changing and becoming
more digitalized. The aim of this study was to examine factors that affect productive use of computers
at school among 9th graders (approximately 15 years old). A sample consisting of 833 students in 9th
grade participated in the study. Structural equation modeling was used to analyze a theoretical model
built with factors having direct and indirect effects on productive use of computers. The analysis supported
a theoretical framework where mastery orientation, students’ previous grades and information
integration have a positive effect on and explain 55% of productive use of computers. Moreover, students’
gender and their parental education had a positive effect on and explained 11% of the variation
in students’ grades and 12% of the variation in mastery orientation. Finally, parental education
and being female had an indirect effect on the productive use of computers. The results demonstrate that
parental education influences students’ achievement with and without computers. Overall, girls reported
higher levels of productive use of computers compared with boys, and this finding indicates that girls
are succeeding at school by using computers at school.

Keywords: Digital Competence, Productive Use of Computers, Integrating Information, Information Search, Mastery Orientation, Parental Education, Structural Equation Modeling

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 7, Issue 4, pp.11-28. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 858.524KB).

Dr. Ove Edvard Hatlevik

Researcher, The National Network for IT-Research and Competence in Education, National Centre for ICT in Education, Oslo, Oslo, Norway

Ove Edvard Hatlevik is a researcher at the National Centre for ICT in Education, Norway. He holds a PhD from the University at Oslo, where he studied learning strategies and motivation among commercial airline pilots during their in-house training (simulator and CRM-courses). He has published reports and articles on topics to do with learning, motivation and the use of ICT. His research explores the design and use of feedback in digital learning resources, and how to use various forms of assessments (e.g. multiple-choices, written text) to identify digital competence.


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