The Beliefs of Electrical and Computer Engineering Students’ Regarding Computer Programming

By Sofia D. Anastasiadou and Alexandros S. Karakos.

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The aim of the present project is to record and investigate the beliefs, perceptions, attitudes and positions of the Electrical and Computer Engineering first year students of Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) regarding computer programming. The data was analysed through implicative statistical analysis and CHIC software, which provided the following analyses: a) the similarity dendrogram, b) the hierarchical dendrogram and c) the implication chart.
The research results showed that: a) students’ confidence in their ability to learn computer programming enhances their positive attitude towards its value and maximises the use of programming in their profession; b) student attitudes that are characterised by stress are influenced by the denial of the value, contribution and presence of programming in their future professional careers; and c) another factor that causes negativity in students is their lack of confidence, which results in them feeling that they must make a maximum effort to meet the demands of the course.

Keywords: Attitudes, Students, Computer Programming

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 7, Issue 1, pp.37-52. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 799.732KB).

Dr. Sofia D. Anastasiadou

Associate Professor, Department of Preeschool Education, University of Western Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece, Greece

Sofia Anastasiadou holds a BSc from the Department of Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece, a Master degree in Mathematics Education from Surrey University of Kingston in Great Bretagne. She has obtained her Ph.D in Multidimetional Statistical Analysis at the Macedonia University of Thessaloniki in Greece. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Applied Statistics and Educational Research in the Department of Preschool Education at the University of Western Macedonia in Greece. Apart form Statistics and Mathematics Education in Primary, Secondary and Higher Education her research interests are also focused in the Analysis and Interpretation of Multivariate Data for Social Science. Sofia Anastasiadou has published more than 120 papers in Greek, European and International Scientific Journals.

Alexandros S. Karakos

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of DUTH, Greece


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