Integrating Strategic Views about Open Educational Resources through Collaborative Sensemaking

By Alexandra Okada, Teresa Connolly and Andy Lane.

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This paper introduces a methodology that integrates strategic views for collaborative sensemaking through knowledge maps based on the Force Field Framework (3F). The objective of this work is to identify some of the benefits and challenges that facilitators may face when using 3F maps to help different groups gain a common understanding of issues around an emerging scenario. In particular this case study focuses on the 3F maps created by groups from several Universities in Europe (members of the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities: EADTU and of the ICOPER Best Practice Network) who were interested in integrating a global overview of Open Educational Resource (OER) issues with their Institutions’ strategic activities.
Participants created 3F maps to represent the key issues that OER offered for their Institutions. Each group presented their map and discussed their analysis. This was coordinated and supported by a facilitator. The resulting graphical representations and the discussions were then captured by a knowledge-mapping expert, using the social computing tool Compendium. This qualitative study analyses comments registered by facilitators, and visual representations created by participants both on paper and in Compendium. Initial findings are focussed on the general applicability of this methodology and discuss the main benefits and challenges to be addressed by facilitators.

Keywords: Collective Sensemaking, Knowledge Mapping, Open Educational Resource

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 6, Issue 6, pp.165-186. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 2.165MB).

Dr. Alexandra Okada

Research Associate, Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Alexandra Okada is a Research Associate at the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University OU - UK. She is also a guest Lecturer at Getúlio Vargas Foundation FGV Online Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the University of the Arts London, UK. Her current research focusses on Content Development for Reuse in ICOPER project. Her interests include Open Educational Resources, Collaborative Communities and Knowledge Media Technologies. Dr. Okada holds a BSc in Computer Science, a MBA in Knowledge Management and Marketing, a MA and PhD in Education. She was a lecturer in Brazil before joining the OU. She worked at the Institute of Advanced Technologies, Pontifical Catholic University and Mackenzie University in São Paulo. She developed several research projects and designed professional development online courses for educators from South America and Europe.

Teresa Connolly

Project Manager, Knwoledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Teresa joined the OU in August 2006 as an Open Educational Resources lecturer.She had worked previously in Kingston University as an Educational Technology Leader in the Faculty of Science and as an Academic Developer in the Academic Development Centre.She held a Teaching Fellowship for her work on the GIS Distance Learning Programme. She was a member of the Faculty Learning and Teaching committee and the Faculty Computing committee as well as the University Learning and Teaching Stragey group. Teresa has also worked at Birkbeck College in the Department of Geography and contributed to a variety of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) projects.Prior to this she has worked as a cartographer and technical assistant in a number of different public and private sector organisations.

Prof. Andy Lane

Director of Open Learn, Faculty of Technology, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Professor Andy Lane has held many leadership roles within the Open University. Within the Technology Faculty he led the redevelopment of the entire undergraduate systems curriculum. He has been an author on many Open University courses, in particular several dealing with systems and environmental management. He developed the web focussed structure for T205 Systems Thinking: principles and practice and played a key role in the development of T274 Food production systems and T247 Working with systems. His texts on practical conservation have been used extensively by other institutions and are widely considered to be important training and teaching tools. He was also a co-author for The Sciences Good Study Guide.


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