An Innovative Project in Teacher Training Studies: Problem Based Learning and Web 2.0 Tools

By Iñaki Larrea, Jose Ramón Vitoria and Nagore Ipiña.

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The Faculty of Humanities and Education from Mondragon Unibertsitatea is carrying out an innovative project in Teacher Training studies. New trends and challenges that this new dimension means for Higher Education are framed in the faculty’s program. In the last 5 years, the design and elaboration of innovative pedagogical tasks and new methodological experiences have been applied in the curriculum in order to fulfill those requirements. Thus, some changes have been made in different Teacher Training specialties. A new definition of the professional profile based on competencies has been pursued; problem, case and project based learning methodologies have been employed and interdisciplinary modules have been designed from different subjects.
In this communication, modifications made in “Educational Technology’s” subject as well as the implementation of web 2.0 and PBL framework will be analyzed. Therefore, the reformulation of this subject, located in an interdisciplinary module together with the Practicum and Didactics’ topic, will be the investigation object.
Thanks to this operative module, students have been able to go into different aspects assimilating the objectives suggested: the analysis and design of web-quests, the observation and analysis of didactic software, the study and treatment of teacher’s and students’ new role, the analysis and creation of conceptual maps, the examination of educative blogs and their own production. Consequently, students have developed specific complimentary skills of each of the subjects immersed in the module. All of them were achieved by using dynamic methodologies as PBL and by technological tools promoting team work.
In the communication, besides explaining the educational experience in new teacher training, some investigations and future working lines in the Faculty’s innovation program will be suggested.

Keywords: New Projects and Innovations Collaborative and Problem Based Learning Web 2.0, Complimentary Skills Programs Experiences in Education

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp.41-54. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 670.271KB).

Dr. Iñaki Larrea

Eskoriatza, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Dr. Jose Ramón Vitoria

Eskoriatza, Gipuzkoa, Spain

Nagore Ipiña

Eskoriatza, Gipuzkoa, Spain


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