Designing a “Concept Capture” Template: Using a Multi-Media Model for Learner Engagement

By Sandra L. Bassendowski, Pammla Petrucka and Andrew Salgado.

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This presentation is related to the integration of technology into all aspects of interprofessional/nursing curricula and programs. The project focuses on emergent technologies and methodologies for research, teaching, and learning. There is significant literature describing “lecture capture” whereby content presented to students in a classroom is recorded during the actual lecture and posted for use by students after the scheduled class time. This presentation will demonstrate a template for presenting concepts to students before they attend a scheduled class by posting key concepts through a variety of multimedia tools. These multimedia “moments” provide the concepts to students and require them to reflect on course content, respond to questions before attending class using social software, then interact and engage with faculty and other students in scheduled class time. The template for Concept Capture supports reverse pedagogy with students being given the basic concepts and tools and it requiring the students to move the learning and teaching forward to increased understanding of course content.
This project will be designed using a (MODEL) template that represents multi-dimensional, open, digital environments for learning as well as scholarship (research, teaching and learning). The multi-dimensions, for example, relate to users, tools, components, places, and spaces with openness defined as a way of organizing activities that favors access, participation of various stakeholders, and collaboration. The Concept Capture template will be the result of collaboration between IT personnel, web designer personnel, students, and faculty and will provide a starting point that faculty could “adapt not adopt.” The research results will give an indication of the students’ reaction to the template and how it could be revised and enhanced for future use.

Keywords: Concept Capture, Multimedia, Students, Learning

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp.93-100. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 632.759KB).

Dr. Sandra L. Bassendowski

Associate Professor, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dr. Sandra Bassendowski is an associate professor with the College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan. Her research interests are in interprofessional education, international education, and the scholarship of teaching. Sandra’s research focus is on the integration of technology in teaching and learning spaces. She is interested in the innovative use of technology and encourages students to use personal digital assistants (PDAs) and Web 2.0 tools as strategies for submitting course assignments.

Dr. Pammla Petrucka

Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, University of Saskatchewan, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Dr. Petrucka is keenly interested in community development and community based research in rural, Aboriginal, and international environments. She holds a position at the University of Saskatchewan as well as Research Associate appointments at the Centre for Knowledge Transfer (University of Alberta) and the Indigenous Peoples Health Research Centre (University of Regina/First Nations University of Canada). She holds a CIHR post-doctoral fellowship in Aboriginal health policy at IPHRC. In addition, she does work in the Eastern Caribbean, Barbados, and Kenya on a variety of community development, education, health, and capacity building initiatives.

Andrew Salgado

Independent Artist, London, UK

Andrew Salgado is an emerging artist and is interested in how art concepts can be applied to teaching and learning strategies. His creativity is important to design of teaching strategies within the multi-media environment. He is an independent artist and just completed his Masters of Visual Arts from Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, England.


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