Knowledge and Society: Teacher Preparedness and Sustained White Privileged Quasi-Fascist Societal Infrastructures in the United States

By Arnold Munroe.

Published by The Technology Collection

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The presented study reveals the theorized assertion that teachers indirectly perpetuate white privilege and reinforce quasi-fascist democratic societal infrastructures. The exploration profiled posits how teacher education preparedness reflects that; exiting teachers lack the capacity to productively address racial issues. Resultantly, teacher majorities are ill equipped to sufficiently initiate racial consciousness dialogue towards focused advocacy efforts characteristic of shared reconstruction. The correlating thoughts and concepts for improving racial identity awareness analyzed demonstrate that strategies for activating multicultural edification that challenge racial discernment failings can be actualized. The discourse offers enlightenment for educators and associates emphasizing the urgency to deconstruct inequitable practices and inform about and promote racial identity initiatives that dismantle the dogma of invasive white privileged hegemony.

Keywords: Transformative Multicultural Education, Social Justice-Shared Reconstruction, Racial/Ethic Identity Awareness, Experiential Multiculturalism, Affective-Critical Pedagogy, Ethnocentric-Ethnorelative, Hegemony-Supremacy, Intercultural Sensitivity, Racial Consciousness, White/Male Privilege, White Racial Identity, Teacher Education, Quasi-Fascist

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 6, Issue 2, pp.93-104. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 653.994KB).

Dr. Arnold Munroe

Faculty, Internet Marketing Masters Program, Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida, USA

Arnold Munroe holds doctorate and education specialist degrees in Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Management, in addition to a master’s of science degree specialization in Aviation - Aerospace Management, a Board of Governors - General Studies bachelor’s degree, and associates of science degrees in Financial Management, Instructor in Technology, and Metals Technology. He has served in a multiple of scholarly and managerial roles. Prior to Full Sail University he was a professor of Research Methodology at the Hindu University of America and a University of Central Florida (UCF) adjunct and visiting assistant professor in the Educational Studies Department - College of Education, teaching socio-political and historical education foundation courses, in addition to multicultural curriculum. Preceding UCF he was at the University of West Florida, as a research assistant and Office of Multicultural Studies acting program manager, in addition to adjunct faculty teaching with the College of Professional Studies. Notably, his research interests center on multicultural social factors. In that focus he has conducted a number of evaluations, research projects, and funding proposals, along with publishing interests and collegiate service.


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