Data Replications in a Relational Database: Concern for Data Structure and Data Reliability

By Eghosa Ugboma.

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Although planned data redundancy increases the distribution of redundant data to a very meager degree, this type of redundancy most often involves few columns of relational tables and helps to enforce both entity and referential integrities.
This paper discusses planned data redundancy as it relates to the structure of database tables and the integrity of data contained in the tables. Due to their unique functions and for easy understanding, tables’ primary keys and foreign keys columns are used to demonstrate the implementation. First normal form (1NF), third normal form (3NF), fourth normal form (4NF), and the Redundant Data technique of denormalization process are the yardsticks used to illustrate how planned data redundancy is generated, in which keys’ columns it occurs, and its benefits to the resulting tables. Planned data redundancy is classified into two groups, namely, internal planned data redundancy and external planned data redundancy, and to understand their formation, normalization and normal forms as well as denormalization are discussed at the infancy level.

Keywords: Data Redundancy, Denormalization, Normal Forms, Normalization, Planned Redundancy, Relational Database, Data Tables

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 5, Issue 3, pp.13-24. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.351MB).

Dr. Eghosa Ugboma

Full Professor of Management Information Systems, Department of Computer Sciences and Mathematics, Florida Memorial University, Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Dr. Eghosa Ugboma is a Tenured Full Professor and the Coordinator of Management Information Systems in the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics at Florida Memorial University, Miami Gardens, Florida, U.S.A. He is the author of two academic textbooks on Database Programming using SQL and several published scholarly papers. Dr. Ugboma has been in the academic arena, teaching, researching, and doing scholarly writing at both universities’ and colleges’ levels for the past twenty four (24) years. His bachelors and masters degrees are in Computer Science and his doctorate degree is in Information Systems. His areas of interest include databases, Systems development, networking, and software methodologies.


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