Contemporary Society, Technology and Sustainability

By Abdallah M. Hasna.

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The notion of a sociotechnical system is still developing and evidence can be viewed in a series of recent articles that has appeared over the last few years. With titles like Technological Forecasting and Social Change, Technology Analysis, and Strategic Technology Management, and, similarly, Technology/Knowledge Society and Sustainability are all buzzword terminology in a rapidly moving field, migrating from the scientific periphery to mainstream culture of a technology driven society. With the advent of global turmoil and the financial reins of 2008 credit crunch, the topic of sustainability and contemporary society is ever more concerning, as for years we as a society and our economy have been driven by two key measures of success profit and loss statements and our quarterly earnings. This article attempts to provide a brief assessment of a sizable body of literature, it also aims to provide a deeper understanding of the relationship between contemporary society, technology in sustainability from an engineering perceptive. It was found that contemporary society is profoundly reliant on technology, and for sustainability to be considered we call for a new legacy, not a continuation of the past.

Keywords: Sustainability, Contemporary Society, Technology, Engineering

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 5, Issue 1, pp.13-20. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.269MB).

Abdallah M. Hasna

Senior Lecturer, Faculty , Sciences, Engineering and Health, University of Southern Queensland, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

A. M. Hasna holds PhD in manufacturing from Swinburne University of Technology,Graduate Certificate in Higher Education (Deakin), Graduate Certificate in Management, (SUT) BE Chemical (RMIT). He has 10 years’ experience as process engineer, held senior positions in the chemical and process industry, worked on water flocculation systems in the mining industry, plantation timber moulding, fuel cell power generation for air independent propulsion with DSTO, sacrificial corrosion protection for the green river project, paperboard manufacturing, and developed a microwave corrugator with Visy Industries. Currently a Senior lecturer affiliated with the Department of Sustainability, Central Queensland University.


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