New Media in PR: A Research on the Utilization of New Media Technologies in Public Relations Firms in Turkey

By Cem Sefa Sutcu and Emel Karayel Bilbil.

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Public Relations (PR) firms are found in every industrial area of the globalized world. Compared to the huge number of PR firms (around 9000) in the US, there are around 200 PR firms organized mostly in the city of Istanbul. PR Sector in Turkey gained importance in 1980s with the changing rules of national policies from a closed economy to the free market economy. This transformation directly influenced the PR business throughout the country. Especially, in 1990s, many organizations and corporations started to heavily demand PR services due to the increased need for communication with the public.

Therefore, Turkish PR firms started to not only monitor the conjuncture in global PR Sector, but also try to keep up the pace by utilizing new media technologies. Additionally, top managements of commercial firms needed to be conscious about the expectations on the quality of services of their PR firms. At this point, new media technologies became a handy tool for PR firms in servicing their customers. This “intelligence” introduces a new concept of “PR Management Tools”. This approach is an insight to the PR services from the Information Systems point of view. With its time and distance insensitive, flattened, interactive, low access cost, customizable, and decentralized nature, new media technologies are very promising for Turkish PR sector.

In this paper, we surveyed the use of new media technologies in Turkish PR firms. We selected reputable firms which have longest lifetime in the sector and have the largest customer portfolio. Our research revolves around the following questions: What is the “New Media” awareness of PR firms? To what extend PR firms use these technologies? Answering these fundamental questions would help us to describe the current situation in PR sector in competing global firms.

Keywords: New Media, Public Relations

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 4, Issue 5, pp.159-166. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 553.341KB).

Dr. Cem Sefa Sutcu

Academician, Department of Informatics, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

He is now at Marmara University Faculty of Communications Department of Information Systems. He gives lectures on various areas at undergraduate, graduate levels. Some of them are Statistics, E-Publishing, and Knowledge Management. He has various publishing in Turkey and abroad. His research areas include Interactivity in Communication, New Media Systems and Cybernetics.

Dr. Emel Karayel Bilbil

Academician, Department of Public Relations and Publicity, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

She works at Marmara University Faculty of Communications Department of Public Relations. She gives lectures on various areas at undergraduate and graduate levels. Some of them are PR and Brand Management, PR Campaigns, Media Relations. She has various papers published in Turkey and abroad. Her research areas include Public Relations Theory, Brand Communications, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Ethics.


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