Internet Usage as a Communication Medium in Social Responsibility Campaigns: Comparative Analysis of Websites Devoted to Social Responsibility Campaigns in Turkiye

By Aylin Goztas, Nahit Erdem Koker and Mine Yeniçeri Alemdar.

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The social responsibilities of managements have become an important topic of discussion parallel with some changes taking place in marketing field. Public opinion has recently started to increasingly push the managements about contracting their social liabilities which resulted in a decrease in the chance of success for the managements only looking for profit and lacking the aim of serving to the public. As a result, being influenced by social expectations, managements are now obliged to act upon humanistic, social, political, legal and ethical requirements while proceeding with their basic activities. In company with the increasing importance of social responsibility concept, managements now search for ways of protecting and improving social order while proceeding with their production and marketing activities and they try their best to apply the methods they determine as much as possible. Making the management serviceable to public is now as important as making it productive in sense of organizational effectiveness. Internet is a different space, a different atmosphere. It has its own unwritten rules and its own unique community. It has changed classical value judgments and ways of living with the new concepts and labors it brought to our lives. The basement of internet technologies is rooted at the increasing need of mankind to “store/ share the produced information and find it back easily” and the usage fields of this technology is rising day by day. The advantages internet provides to its users through the increasing fields in social processes make it a communication medium in social responsibility campaigns as well. In this paper, the role and usage of internet and web sites as a communication medium in social responsibility campaigns has been discussed in functional and presentational basis through the comparative analysis of 5 most successful social responsibility campaign'web sites of Turkiye in 2006.

Keywords: Social Responsibility Campaigns, Internet, Web Sites Analysis

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp.93-104. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 609.563KB).

Prof. Aylin Goztas

Prof. Dr., Izmir, Turkey

Nahit Erdem Koker

Res. Assist., Ege University, IZMIR, Turkey

Mine Yeniçeri Alemdar

Res. Assist., Ege University, Izmir, Turkey


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