Total Quality Management through Corporate Governance: A Conceptual Model with Corporate Social Responsibility

By M. V. Shetty.

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Corporates today are in various stages of growth, due to the conscientious efforts put in by Management for facing the competition. The Model attempts to address these and many more fundamental issues related to work, environment, performance and social issues that empower in the long run, Corporates to operate with Corporate Social Responsibility, while simultaneously implementing Corporate Governance during the introduction and upgradation of quality initiatives. It assumes that Corporate Governance is an extension of excellence by Companies achieved by raising their commitment to validate transparency, accountability, shared value, and ethics supplementing efforts and initiatives of quality. The following are the stages they pass through if they follow a planned growth pattern (from bottom up): Stage 7 - International and Humanitarian contribution and Growth stage. Stage 6 - Social and National contribution stage. Stage 5 - Self Actualizing or Full Enlightenment stage. Stage 4 - Contributing stage (collective). Stage 3 - Welfare oriented (Rich) stage. Positive Stages. Stage 2 - Professionalizing stage. Stage 1 - Adhoc or Sporadic stage. Stage Zero -Buffer of Transition. Stage-1- Confusing / Misleading stage. Stage -2 - Contradictory / Conflicting stage. Negative Stages. Stage -3 - Paralytic / Destructive stage. Each of these are highlighted in detail in the paper. The Model promises an enriching empowering organization, consisting of an infinite team of totally free people, operating at a self actualization level, with full understanding of and commitment to their professional obligations towards the vision and mission of the company, as a customer focused / satisfying company, while operating in an enlightened environment, contributing to the organization, social, national and ultimately to the international (and humanitarian) community as an offering of their capabilities, their love, and their energy, generating a sphere of happiness that is all-embracing and progressive, beyond their commitments to their job and livelihood. Organization and work environment, the core purpose of our life, is an opportunity to live life fully and purposefully and in an enlightening manner, by merely a change of attitude and commitment to live for. The basic change is brought about by the clarification of the understanding of its possibilities and the manner of its possibilities and the richness of its consequences to Self, Society, Nation and the World and the promises gradually developed or cultivated making the possibilities real and experiential. This change of perspective is/would be a tremendous moral booster and self motivating force in the long run.

Keywords: Total Quality, Corporate Governance, Corporate Social Responsiblity, Transformation, Enlightenment

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 3, Issue 5, pp.27-36. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 707.273KB).

Dr. M. V. Shetty

Head of the Marketing Unit, Faculty of Management, Multi Media University, Cyberjaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Specialist in Marketing at MMU, Cyberjaya, Malaysia and is the head of the marketing unit. The request is to try out this model in your company individually or holistically, and inform the above researcher so that either he confirms the model by validation of the above model or introduces an improved, researched and time- tested model in the market place.


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