The Shape of Live On-line Meetings

By Peter Scott, Eleftheria Tomadaki and Kevin Quick.

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Live videoconferencing has become an integral part of international virtual learning and working with professionals, educators and students using online meetings to enhance their collaboration from different parts of the world. This paper explores the visualization of a set of different online meetings produced by the FlashMeeting™ videoconferencing system. Our polar area visualization analysis reveals interesting patterns in participant dominance in online meetings: seminars, interviews, moderated project meetings, peer-to-peer meetings, web-casts and video lectures. Visualizing patterns in the use of foreground and background communication channels is a promising way to help us to start to explore individual user roles in different communities and in different meeting types.

Keywords: Live videoconferencing, Visualizing video meetings, FlashMeeting, User meeting roles

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp.1-16. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.336MB).

Dr Peter Scott

Head of the Centre for New Media, Centre for new Media, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Dr Peter J. Scott is the Director of the Knowledge Media Institute of the Open University. Peter’s research group prototypes the application of new technologies and media to learning at all levels. Peter’s current research interests range widely across knowledge and media research. Three key threads at the moment are: tele-presence; streaming media systems; and ubiquity. He has a BA (1983) and PhD (1987) in Psychology. Before joining the Open University in 1995, Dr Scott lectured in Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of Sheffield. He joined the OU to help launch the innovative Knowledge Media research agenda. In this new field he has over 15 recent major research grants from the UK EPSRC. Recent EU grants include the successful EU Network of Excellence, Prolearn, where he serves on the executive board. The Prolearn network also supports two of Peter’s hottest current technology developments: Hexagon and FlashMeeting. The FlashMeeting research into effective live and online events is also now a core element of the Open University’s OpenLearn LabSpace which was launched in October 2006. He has a strong portfolio of over 40 conventional research publications in this field.

Dr. Eleftheria Tomadaki

Research Fellow, Knowledge Media Institute, Centre for New Media, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Eleftheria Tomadaki is a research fellow in the Knowledge Media Institute (Open University, UK), focusing on collaborative media, e-Learning and social software. Her role involves the integration of the video conferencing tool FlashMeeting with the Moodle e-learning environment and the development of a theory and analytical framework to underpin the study of large-scale synchronous collaborative media, in the context of the Open Content Initiative. She received her PhD in information extraction by the University of Surrey. Her PhD research investigated the merging of information from texts describing video content for video annotation by employing cross-document coreference techniques and introduced a new and challenging scenario - film and the variety of collateral text genres narrating its content, including unrestricted sets of events.

Dr Kevin Quick

Research Fellow, Centre for New Media, Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Kevin Quick is a Research Fellow in the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University, UK. His work focuses on the development and research into new collaborative multimedia tools, and their application into various types of online communities. His current works forms part of the ProLearn European Network of Excellence. Current areas of investigation include the FlashMeeting video conferencing tool, FlashVlog video blogging tool and Hexagon video presence tool. In addition to his knowledge in new media systems Kevin also has a background in electronics and a PhD in new material technologies from Imperial College, London.


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