Crossing Bridges With Rural Communities: Building and Maintaining Multi-Lingual Websites to Support Immigrant Populations in the Great Plains

By Thomas H.P. Gould.

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The project will provide ongoing technical and linguistic assistance and training to help rural communities serve this growing population, as well as provide service learning for university students and mentors. The project will be partial fee-for-service that links community officials with a university resource, Centro para los Nuevos Medios Electrónicos de las Llanuras Centrales (NMELC), that will not only provide web site creation and translation, but also, eventually, a network to tap into community resources, such as ESL instructors. In addition, the project will provide for annual technical training intended to support community online experts. The project provides opportunity for intercultural and technical exchange within the student members, as well as between the community and the team. The dynamics and challenges of language –centered, sub-community-defined sites are both exciting and illuminating. A successful pilot project in a small community in Kansas was completed this summer and is in the midst of reflection and analysis.

Keywords: Bilingual, Web Sites, Technology, Rural, Community, Leadership, Training

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 3, Issue 4, pp.89-102. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.046MB).

Dr. Thomas H.P. Gould

Associate Professor, Journalism & Mass Communications, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, USA

Tom was a newsman, magazine publisher, and the president of an ad agency, and, since 1994, has provided national and international consulting in new media. He taught at University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Mount Vernon College at George Washington University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill before joining K-State's faculty in 1998. He founded Orion Online Design & Management, a student group that designs and manages web sites for clients across the nation. Tom's current research service involves working with rural communities and technology, including placing teams of students in Kansas towns to work with local residents in creating and maintaining web sites, and the creation and locally maintaining of bilingual cultural sites. His research focuses on advertising regulation, especially in the area of government marketing. He is also exploring the ways in which laws impacting mass communications are interpretted through policy actions and the adoption of new media in rural communities. Research Published Gould, T.H.P. (2005) "Where's Qualitative Research Going Online? Patterns of Methodology in Mass Communications, 1993-2003." Web Journal of Journalism and Mass Communication (in press). Gould, T.H.P., Tomas Lipinski, T. & Buchanan, E. (2005) "Copyright Practices and the Deciphering of Fair Use in the Creation of Reserves at Major University Libraries." Journal of Academic Librarianship (May). Gould, T.H.P. (2004) "Shall We Converge? The Embedding of New Media into Advertising Curricula." Journal of Advertising Education (Summer). Gould, T.H.P. (2004) "Online Communication Research in 33 Mass Communication Journals, 1993-2003." Web Journal of Mass Communication , 7:2 (March). Gould, T.H.P. (2003) "Working at Cross Purposes: The Regulation of State Lottery Advertising." Web Journal of Mass Communication, 6.4 (September).


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