An Audiovisual Database for Artistic Musical Research: Enhancing Research Exchange Within European PhD Programmes in Music through an Audiovisual Tool

By Héctor Julio Pérez López, Adolfo Muñoz García and Nuria Lloret Romero.

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This paper presents the design of a new audiovisual product for the most important European Website within the sector of artistic musical research. The aim is to give a decisive boost to the activity of information and ideas exchange within European artistic musical research. Artistic musical research consists in developing research aiming to have a direct impact on musical creation and performance. This research model means that, for example, a doctoral thesis not only consists of a scientific text but also includes a concert in which the results of the applied research are shown. Artistic research should also be able to be a cumulative process, for this reason it is necessary that all the results of the research can fit into an adequate system of representation and register. In the present article a discussion on an audiovisual register system is proposed, which permits: 1. Showing the artistic knowledge in the creative practice throughout the undertaking of the doctorate studies. 2. Recording and showing the artistic elements derived from the research in the instrumental and vocal performance. We are, therefore, dealing with defining the characteristics of the audiovisual documents capable of transmitting the specific innovations that stem from artistic research. This is the basis for creating a virtual library of video-recordings that represent the most innovative and efficient strategies from a didactic viewpoint. It is very important here to determine the narrative qualities, the fundamental contents and the formal characteristics in order to be able to transmit the processes in which knowledge has an impact on art with greatest transparency. This article thus presents a reflection on the conditions in the actual field of artistic musical research necessary for giving academic validity to this type of audiovisual product. The discussion proposed by this paper is complementary to the more concrete technological aspects of our project, which the same autors have explored in other paper for this same Review called: “Researching Video Annotation Tool for Music and Theatre Arts”.

Keywords: Practice Based Music Research, Audiovisual Support For Research in Music

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 3, Issue 2, pp.73-78. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 537.816KB).

Prof. Héctor Julio Pérez López

Professor - Head of PhD programme of Music, Professor of Audiovisual Communication and Manager of the PhD Program of Music., Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

-Prof. Dr Héctor Julio Pérez is professor of audiovisual communication at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (Spain)and manager of the PhD program of music at the same university. Main research fields are the literary and mythological sources in the film narrative. Related to musical culture, the other main field of studies, most of current scientific activities are inside of a wide interdisciplinary research project, developing perspectives for an audiovisual aesthetic of opera performances. Publications includes tree books about aesthetics in Spanish and Italian and different articles about aesthetics in International Scientific Reviews from Germany, Japan, Italy, USA and Spain. Visiting scholar at the State University of Milano (Italy) for 5 years. Languages: Fluent German, English, Spanish and Italian.

Dr. Adolfo Muñoz García

Professor, Department o0f audiovisual communication, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

He’s a full professor at the Audiovisual Communication Area of the Polytechnic University of Valencia since 1997. The subjects that he teaches are: Digital photography, Moviemaking and audiovisual production (in English), and Figurative Narration. In 2002 he got the doctor degree in Audiovisual Communication, defending the thesis “Analysis of the Webcasting mediator agents in the integration process of the streaming video over Internet”. Annually instruct several courses about Internet and New Media, like video streaming, and usability seminars. Researching activity: He is member of the CALSI investigation group. He participates in several subsidized investigation projects about Internet applications, art and multimedia. Recently he stayed three months doing research at the National University of Australia, in the field of digital video and e-learing, and six months at the Emily Carr Institue of Vancouver. Since 2000 he is publishing several papers in International Congresses about the research projects where he is participating. Currently he co-organizes with other professor the doctor degree program in Photography and New Media of the UPV, and helps in the organization of the new Master programs of the DCADHA department: “Visual Culture” and “Contents and Legal Issues of the Information Society”.

Dr. Nuria Lloret Romero

Head of Audivisual Communications Department, POLYTECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF VALENCIA, AUDIOVISUAL COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Head Of Department of Audiovisual Communication, Information and History of Art, and Director of CALSI(Research Group Contents and Legal Issues in Information Society)


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