A Case Study of English Language Teaching using the Internet in Intercollege’s Language Laboratory: Using the Internet in TESOL

By Christopher Andrew Alexander.

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This paper presents the main findings of a case study carried out over a period of approximately five to seven months in 2004-5. It elucidates the issues that six well-qualified ESOL teachers had faced endeavouring to utilize the Internet in their language classes in Intercollege’s new ICT language laboratory. The wide range of data sources used in the study comprised: four staggered interviews with teachers, an interview with students and Head of the Languages Department, teacher classroom observations, a student questionnaire and teacher lesson plans. A major finding that emerged during the study was how teachers in their first interview had initially appeared mainly positive about Internet use, however as interviews progressed they seemed to have had more jaundiced attitudes. For instance, some negative comments from mainly Greek-Cypriot students regarding having Internet lessons suggested that the way teachers had been using the Internet did not correspond to their students’ learning experiences and expectations. In this paper I will describe what effective Internet pedagogy for students studying at Intercollege should comprise and provide links to online examples

Keywords: Internet, Case Study, Language Lab, TESOL

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp.1-14. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.228MB).

Dr Christopher Andrew Alexander

Language Lab Coordinator/lecturer, Languages Department, The International University of Cyprus (Intercollege), Cyprus

Dr Christopher Alexander is the Language Laboratory Coordinator at Intercollege. He completed his Doctoral dissertation in Education (Applied Linguistics and TESOL) at Bristol University. He has researched how to develop effective Internet pedagogies for teaching English as a foreign language in the Intercollege language lab. He was also awarded a Masters in Applied Linguistics and TESOL from Leicester University. He has worked as a lecturer in the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poland (Poland’s top University for Linguistics). He has also worked as a Director of two large British Council EFL Schools in the UK and numerous key leadership posts in Polish Institutions of higher education. He speaks Polish fluently and has published in Poland’s top journal for the methodology of teaching foreign languages. He has many paperback and online publications. He is also an accomplished accompanist with an impressive range of concerts in well-known concert halls in Belgium, Germany, Holland, Luxemburg, Poland, Lithuania, and France.


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