Rethinking the Knowledge Bearing Capacity of e-business Systems with some Reference to SDLCs

By Daniel Francois Botha.

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It will be argued in this paper that most of e-business system upgrades and modification cost could be averted if the knowledge bearing capacity of proposed systems is realized and included as primary design parameters during the System Development Life Cycle. Most e-business system development is approached from an information processing and efficiency dimension, which more often than not exclude the knowledge utilization and effectiveness component as a design parameter. In most cases the primary focus are on information intensive functions, business process reengineering/automation and transaction processing whilst the use of information to discover knowledge value and to innovate only comes into prominence after system implementation. This line of design thinking leads to the emergence of dominant designs that extend the scope for standardization whilst simultaneously limiting the scope for system variation. It will be proposed that re Boisot (1999), N-learning (neo-classical) thinking is normally dominant to S-learning (Schumpeterian) thinking during the e-business system design phase. The paper primarily draw on Max Boisot’s Evolutionary Production Function and I-Space theoretical approach, Donald Marchand’s Four Fundamental Principles of using Information to Create Business Value and Yogesh Malhotra’s model on Balancing Design and Emergence for E-Business Model Innovation. A new construct called the Knowledge Prospect Domain (KPD) will be identified and introduced as a common denominator between the models of the three authors on which to ground the approach to new thinking on e-business system design. To facilitate argumentation an attempt will be made to position the extant status of e-business systems in the I-Space, referring to what will be proposed as proprietary technologies and emergent technologies.

Keywords: E-business Systems Development, System Development Life Cycle, Knowledge Bearing Capacity, Knowledge Prospect Domain, Dominant Designs, I-Space

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 2, Issue 8, pp.79-88. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.553MB).


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