Riding the Paperless Tiger

By Marcelle Cacciattolo, Jenny Comley, Anne Davies, Bill Eckersley, Mary-Rose McLaren, Rose Mulraney, Natalie Senjov-Makohon and Peter Thomas.

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Language, Education and Technology, an initial core subject within the Bachelor of Education at Victoria University, Victoria, Australia was selected by Teacher Education staff to develop a multi-mode, mixed delivery approach to teaching and learning. A University Curriculum Innovations Grant supported the Project entitled ‘The paperless tiger: Moving the 1st year B Ed core subject into the online world’. During the planning phase the professional action learning team (academics, Library and IT personnel) faced a series of challenges as we grappled with the idea of facilitating an exploration of the lived experiences of learners. Understanding how Webct, CD-ROM, synchronous and asynchronous communication forums could support face-to-face classes and tutorials was part of the professional learning and debate. During the journey, academics and preservice teachers collected artefacts; and these helped us to unpack our ideas and identify what was most valued in the subject. The preservice teachers used digital portfolio presentations to describe both their personal learning and their growing awareness about learning. Teachers and preservice teachers agreed that stepping outside their comfort zone and facing the challenges i.e. riding the paperless tiger was achievable because it became clear that the ‘learning is in the struggle’.

Keywords: Learning, Teaching, Language, Professional Action Learning Team, Technology, Multi-mode, Mixed Delivery, Webct, CD-ROM, Synchronous & Asynchronous Communication, Digital Portfolios

The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 2, Issue 8, pp.1-8. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.221MB).

Dr. Marcelle Cacciattolo

Victoria University, Australia

Dr Marcelle Cacciattolo is a sociologist and experienced lecturer in the School of Education at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). She teaches in a diverse range of pre-service courses, conducts a range of research projects and supervises a variety of post-graduate research students. Marcelle’s other major responsibility involves the co-coordination of the School of Education’s community partnership program. Marcelle’s particular research interests are cross-disciplinary involving health sciences and education-based research. Her research focuses are linked to the following themes - well being, inclusive education, social justice and a desire to address community issues.

Jenny Comley

Victoria University, Australia

Jenny Comley is Campus Librarian, Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). Her focus is on embedding information literacy within curriculum.

Dr. Anne Davies

Victoria University, Australia

Dr Anne Davies is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). Anne is interested in the significance of both learning and research in ‘finding’ the future. For her this involves focusing on the quality of engagement in teacher education and continuing professional learning.

Dr. Bill Eckersley

Victoria University, Australia

Dr Bill Eckersley is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). He has been actively engaged in research and teaching in pedagogical innovation at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His other major research interests relate to educational leadership, collaborative partnerships and teacher education.

Dr Mary-Rose McLaren

Victoria University, Australia

Dr Mary-Rose McLaren is a lecturer in the School of Education at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). Mary-Rose works in the Bachelor of Education. Her current research includes a focus on student perceptions of the interface between literacy and ICT.

Dr Rose Mulraney

Dr Rose Mulraney is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). Rose teaches in the Graduate Diploma of Secondary Education and coordinates a Doctor of Education course in Thailand.Her teaching and research include pedagogy, curriculum, Studies of Society and Environment, and educational innovation and reform in schools and Higher Education.

Natalie Senjov-Makohon

Victoria University, Australia

Natalie Senjov-Makohon has worked across the spectrum of education from primary, secondary, tertiary and Higher Education. Presently she works in the Staff College at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia). Her research has been in the area of experienced teachers and how they learn information and communication technologies for the information age.

Peter Thomas

Victoria University, Australia

Technophile and multimediaist. Peter Thomas is a lecturer in the School of Education at Victoria University (Melbourne, Australia).


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