InscriptiFact, a Tool for Study of Ancient Near Eastern Inscriptions: Impact on Scholarly Practice

By Leta Hunt, Marilyn Lundberg and Bruce Zuckerman.

Published by The Technology Collection

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This paper will discuss the functionality and useability of InscriptiFact, an image database of ancient inscriptions from the Near Eastern and Mediterranean Worlds.

Keywords: InscriptiFact, West Semitic Research Project, Near East, Inscriptions, Usability

International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, Volume 1, Issue 7, pp.115-126. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.361MB).

Dr. Leta Hunt

Dr Leta Hunt is Associate Director of the InscriptiFact Project at the University of Southern California. She is primarily responsible for application and system development. She has been involved in management of software development projects for the last nine years and with InscriptiFact since its inception in December 1998. She has published a variety of papers on spatial search, accessibility to spatially referenced digital data, spatial organization, and digital preservation. She has a PhD in psychology and a M.S. in library and information science.

Dr. Marilyn Lundberg

Dr. Lundberg is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, where she teaches Hebrew, Biblical Aramaic, Hebrew Bible and ancient Near Eastern language courses. She is Associate Director of the West Semitic Research Project at the University of Southern California, and Associate Editor of the journal Maarav: A Journal for the Study of Northwest Semitic Languages and Literature.

Dr. Bruce Zuckerman

Dr. Zuckerman has been a faculty member in the Department of Religion at USC since 1981. He is a Professor of Hebrew Bible, a partner of West Semitic Research, Director of West Semitic Research Project, Director of InscriptiFact, and Director of the USC Archaeological Research Collection. He has authored several books and numerous articles on ancient texts. His photographs of ancient inscriptions have been featured in many scholarly publications as well as in a number of popular venues.


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